When is the East Valley Veterans Parade?2021-06-05T14:28:56-07:00

The date for the East Valley Veterans Parade is Veterans Day, November 11, 2021.

What Time is The Parade?2019-11-04T16:16:37-07:00

The Parade starts at 11 a.m. It lasts approximately 1.5 hrs.

Who produces the East Valley Veterans Parade?2018-04-30T10:08:18-07:00

The East Valley Veterans Parade Association, an all-volunteer 501c3 nonprofit organization, has been commissioned in Arizona for the purpose of producing a Veterans Parade. The association acquires sponsorships, raises funds and produces the Parade. Donations to East Valley Veterans Parade Association are tax‐deductible. For more information contact the EVVPA at 480-684-2324 Ext 3

Where is the Parade?2021-06-05T14:37:52-07:00

The East Valley Veterans Parade starts on Center St. and University Dr. in Mesa and runs South on Center St. to 1st St. It then turns west onto 1st St. and continues to Robson.   View Map

I am entered in the parade, where can I park?2021-06-05T14:38:04-07:00

The East Valley Veterans Parade Association (EVVPA ) does not reserve any parking for entrants. All parking is what is normally available to the public. There are a number of public parking lots and parking garages near or on the Parade route located on Pepper Place and on Centennial Way, in addition to general parking south of 1st Street.

The Light Rail has extended to Mesa Drive and Main Street. Parking is available at the Mesa Drive station. You can park and ride the Light Rail to Center (east of the end of the Parade) or to Country Club Station (west of the end of the parade) and walk 2 blocks north to 1st Street where the Parade route extends. The Parade begins at Center Street and University Drive. Click here for location of Light Rail Service.

You can find the Parking Map HERE.

I want to attend the Parade. Where is the best place to watch?2018-04-30T10:07:22-07:00

The East Valley Veterans Parade starts on Center St. and University Dr. in Mesa and runs South on Center St. to 1st St. It then turns west onto 1st St. and continues to Robson.

Any location along the route offers great viewing. Bleachers are located on the West  side of Center St, on 2nd St. (across from the Mesa Convention Center entrance), and on 1st St. at MacDonald on the South side of 1st St. across from the Grandstand.   View Map

I am handicapped. Where can I park? Is there a handicapped area to watch the Parade?2018-04-30T10:07:58-07:00

EVVPA does not reserve, assign or recommend parking. Each bleacher offers a handicapped area that is available until 30 minutes prior to the Parade. Additionally, there are many parking lots in downtown Mesa along or near the Parade route with handicapped parking available. If you need assistance, please contact an on‐site staff member in an orange or yellow safety vest. View Map

What is the cost to enter the Parade?2018-04-30T10:08:42-07:00

Entry is free, as is watching the Parade. We request donations to support the Parade from entrants. Donors can be sponsors at several levels. The Sponsor page has all the sponsor information. If you prefer to make a monetary donation, you can Donate here. For more information contact the EVVPA at 480-684-2324 Ext 3

How do I enter?2021-06-05T14:31:14-07:00

The fastest most direct way is to complete the online application. It takes about 5 minutes. The information goes directly to the Parade volunteer staff for processing. If you are having trouble accessing the program, contact us at For more information contact the EVVPA at 480-684-2324 Ext 1. Please leave your name, contact phone number and an appropriate message and a staff member will contact you. We try to reply to complete and valid messages within 48 hours.

Do I have to apply online?2016-09-05T08:37:38-07:00

Yes. Applications to participate must be completed online. For more information contact the EVVPA at 480-684-2324 Ext 0 (zero).

Is there a limit to the number of entries?2018-04-30T10:09:10-07:00

Yes; the parade is cutoff at 115 units in he parade. Motor cycle groups are limited to 3 as are dance groups. If there are excessive numbers of entry requests in a restricted category the earliest dated requests are given preference in that category. Example: there are 3 parade positions available for motorcycle groups. If there are 6 such applications, the applications with the 3 earliest dates are accepted. Previous conduct is also a factor.

What are the Parade entry categories?2018-04-30T10:09:32-07:00

Bands: Usually High School or any other organized marching bands.

Boy Scouts: Boy specific organizations if all ages including the Trail Scouts. Competent leaders must accompany all youth organizations.

Cars, pickup trucks: Decorated as a float or not. a car equals about 20 feet and a pickup equals about 30 feet for staging purposes.

Color Guard: any unit that provided represents the Ensign along with other service flags including Arizona.

Commercial: A for profit enterprise. Since this is an advertisement opportunity we would like to see commercial entries donate to the operation of the parade.

Equestrian & Animal: all animal entries must provide cleanup for their entry. Courtesy prevails.

Float: Any decorated moving vehicle in the parade. Self propelled units are considered to be 40 Feet and towed are considered to be at least 75 feet. The prime consideration is spacing for the units in staging and the turn radius at the Center St & 2nd St Curve.

Girls Scouts: Girl specific organizations of all ages. Competent leaders must accompany all youth organizations.

Military Organization: Military specific organizations. EXAMPLES: American legion, VFW, Vietnam Vets, Navy League etc.

Military Unit: Any military specific unit other than ROTC or JROTC ( not school sanctioned). EXAMPLE: USNS, USNCS, Young Marines etc.

Musical: Any band or musical group that is not a school marching unit. EXAMPLE: Dance groups, Electronic produced music. NOTE: All units, including motorcycles, are spaced to minimize noise pollution of other entries. This is also a reason for the number of entry limitation.

Motorcycles: Motorcycles are considered to be 15 feet and 3 wide for staging purposes. Along the route they can be either 2 or 3 wide as long as the entire group does not exceed 80 to 90 feet.

Patriotic: American specific or 4th of July type themed entry