Get Involved with the Parade!

Our goal is to remember and acknowledge the service, achievements and sacrifices our Veterans have unselfishly provided to our Country, State and community.  We bring Veterans, their families and our communities together to annually celebrate and remember.

Whether you choose to get involved by participating in the parade itself, by joining our many volunteers who put on the parade, or by coming out and spectating, we thank you for getting involved and celebrating our Veterans!

Thank you for an incredible Veterans Day Parade!!  The best ever!  I can’t imagine the time and efforts that went into putting this together but hats off to you and the many others who helped to make this happen. [Our dad] was beaming with pride and I was tearing up just watching him waving and saluting young and old!!  I know he felt very honored to have been asked so thank you!!

Michel Fluhr, Daughter or an Army Veteran who participated in the parade
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Our Team of Volunteers:

The East Valley Veterans Parade is presented and produced by all the volunteers that make up the East Valley Veterans Parade Association.