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Parade Rules, Regulations and Safety Requirements

Safety is a prerequisite to achieve a successful Parade!

1) Parade entries must be value-neutral, secular, and may not represent the specific political interest or ambitions of any political party or candidate. All entries are required to agree to follow the Parade route and maintain the pace set by Parade staff.

Parade units are not allowed to stop and perform routines along the route or in front of the bandstand. Failure to comply with this request may result in a ban from future Parades.

2) Only a Parade participant on foot may hand candy, flags, flyers and other approved items directly to Parade spectators. A Parade participant may not hand out or throw ANY ITEMS from a Parade unit, regardless of whether the unit is stationary or moving. A Parade participant or unit driver may not accept any items from Parade spectators at any time.

Throwing or tossing any item is forbidden and may result in the entry being removed from the Parade and banned from future Parades.

3) If horses or other animals are participants in the Parade, the entrant must provide a pooper-scooper to clean up behind the animals or the animals must be “DIAPERED” in the staging and de-staging areas, and throughout the Parade. Only animals under the strict leash or bridle of a qualified animal handler will be permitted in the Parade. The identified animal handler and his/her Parade unit sponsor will bear responsibility for any and all damages and injuries resulting from negligence or act of God incidents regarding the animal in question.

4) Vehicles must be pre-approved by the Parade Committee.

5) Vehicles must display their own identifying signage, in addition to the number placard provided at registration.

6) East Valley Veterans Parade Association does not provide transportation for this event.

7) All owners and drivers of Parade-related vehicles, and all other Parade participants are bound by the Parade entry registrant’s signature on the Release and Waiver form protecting the East Valley Veterans Parade Association (EVVPA) and the City of Mesa and which is included as part of this Application/Registration Packet.

8) All drivers of floats and motorized vehicles must provide vehicle registration, proof of vehicle liability insurance and a valid, vehicle appropriate (Motorcycle, CDL, etc.) Arizona Driver’s License prior to line-up at the Parade to EVVPA.

9) Parade participants will not jump from or onto a float or motorized vehicle. No one is allowed on top of a truck or in the space between a truck and a trailer.

10) No tandem trailers or other trailers, where the wheels are in the center of the trailer, are allowed for units that have people on them.

11) The hitch used to attach a float to the pulling vehicle will be factory “receiver” type or welded pickup style bumper. No “bolt-on” type hitches will be allowed. When using a large truck, a “drop hitch” must be used and should be at least 12” from hitch to the ground.

12) All materials used for Parade floats must be flame retardant and in compliance with City of Mesa ordinance and Parade code and standards.

13) All trucks shall be enclosed with wooden or metal safety rails a minimum of 42” high. Only approved personnel are allowed in the enclosed area of the truck or trailer. All float participants standing on floats or any other motorized vehicles must wear safety belts or have hand holds or vertical stanchions or back supports securing them in place while the float or vehicles are in motion.

14) All drivers of floats and motorized vehicles must provide vehicle registration, proof of vehicle liability insurance and a valid, vehicle appropriate (Motorcycle, CDL, etc.) Arizona Driver’s License prior to line-up at the Parade to EVVPA.

15) A float may be no wider than 12 feet while in the Parade and 8 feet while being towed without permit and police escort anywhere else in the City.

16) At least one ABC fire extinguisher and a First Aid Kit are to be located within easy access on each float.

17) Only one individual shall be permitted to give directions to the driver at any time. EVVPA Event Officials RESERVE THE RIGHT and are authorized to provide direction to the driver. Directions will be passed from EVVPA Event Officials to another as the unit passes from one area to another.

18) All floats are subject to inspection by the Mesa Fire Department before the Parade. If there are no fire extinguishers on board, or if the float is made of flammable materials, or there is some other violation, the float will be red-tagged and not allowed in the Parade until these items are corrected.

19) Mesa Police and Fire Departments and related Public Agencies may exercise the authority to “veto” any aspect of the Parade that they feel poses an unreasonable risk of injury or danger to the public. While exercise of this veto should be prudent, and certainly permit event producers to revise any objectionable part of a plan, public safety must ultimately be the responsibility of the Police and Fire/Rescue Departments and related Public Agencies.

20) EVVPA wishes to remind all participants that smoking, tobacco chewing and the consumption of alcohol are strictly prohibited in the Parade staging area, route, and de-staging area.

21) Failure to abide by these Rules, Regulations, and Safety Requirements may result in:

a) The immediate removal of the participant and/or Parade unit from the Parade.
b) The disqualification of the Parade participant’s and/or sponsoring organization’s eligibility to receive Parade awards.
c) The issuing of citations to and/or the filing of criminal charges against or the arrest of the responsible participant and/or person driving the Parade unit.
d) The disqualification of the Parade participant’s and/or sponsoring organization’s or group’s eligibility to participate in future EVVPA Parades.

IF you have any questions please contact the Parade Director at 480-684-2324 Ext. 1 or

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