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Do you have a special Veteran that inspired, nurtured and aided your love of country?

Honor their service while you support the East Valley Veterans Parade by placing their name on our My Veteran Hero Roll Call.
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My Veteran Hero Roll Call

US Air Force - Korea - Richard Berg

James Gagnon - WWII - US Army

Rene Gagnon - WWII - US Marine Corps

Jason Keelor - Gulf Michigan Air National Guards

Sherman Lambly - WWII - US Marine Corps

Charles Minten - WWII - US Marine Corps

Richard "Dick" Munsen WWII - US Army Air Corps

Craig Munsen - Gulf - US Navy

Chase Nielson - WWII US Army Air Corps

Thomas G. Richards - WWII - US Navy

Jerry Robbins - WWII - US Navy

Joseph T. Thelen - WWII - US Navy

Woodrow "Woody" Twyman WWII - US Navy

The “My Veteran Hero” Program

Each year we remember our Veterans –  Gramps, Mom, Dad, the next door neighbor – as we thank them for their service, sacrifice and dedication to this country.  That is what Veterans Day is all about.  Placing their name on the Roll Call is a personal tribute and at the same time supports the Parade as a community tribute to all Veterans.  Donations to the “My Veteran Hero” program are used to produce the Parade which is an all-volunteer effort.

In additional to appearing on the Roll Call, your “Veteran Hero” will be honored on a banner that will be in the East Valley Veterans Parade on November 11, 2017. They will also be included on the Parade’s Facebook page.  Your donation of $100.00 or monthly $11.11 is tax deductible.

Upon receipt of your payment, we will contact you to gather information on your Veteran Hero:  Name and Branch, Conflict (or dates served), Rank or Rate (MOS) and a brief (50 words or less) summary of the Veteran such as campaigns served in division, ship or squadron, etc.

Make your Veteran your hero now with your $100.00 donation to My Veteran Hero.

My Veteran Hero

The $11.11 payment represents November 11th Veterans Day. Monthly payment is for a s long as desired and can be discontinued or changed to an annual payment at any time.  The annual payment is a savings of $33.33 over a 12-month period.

For more information about the My Veteran Hero Sponsorship program,

please contact our development team at 480.684-2324 Ext. 707 or

Phone: 480-684-2324